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Does your child need surgery? We know that it is not easy to place trust in someone to operate on your child. A trained team and kindness is what you need. 

Children need special treatment. They have different pathologies from adult patients and need specialists to solve their reconstructive problems.

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Children need special treatment.

They are not little adults. 

What health insurance are included?

In Dávila Clinic medical office exist the possibility of attending by Fonasa, some Isapres (private Chilean health insurance) and pay in cash. In Alemana Clinic medical office exist the possibility of attending by Fonasa, some health insurance and pay in cash. The online medical consultation is pay in cash with no refund  

Where is Dra. Paulos located?

In the Dr. Roberto del Río Children's Hospital, Dávila Clinic and Alemana Clinic. We also have online medical appointments. 

What specialty does she have?

Dr. Mº Angélica Paulos is a medical doctor, Pediatric Surgeon and Master in Public Health, with more than 10 years in Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery. Accreditation in pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery by CONACEM and govermment´s Health Superintendency .

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