Dra. María Angélica Paulos


I decided to study medicine to see the loving treatment of my father (Trauma Surgeon) with his patients. After 7 years at the Chilean Catholic University, a desire was generated in me to solve problems and give new opportunities to those who are the most vulnerable. That led me to choose the specialty of Pediatric Surgery. During the 3-year residency at the Dr. Roberto del Río Children's Hospital (University of Chile), I learned surgical skills, and more importantly, I learned to empathize with parents, deliver good and bad news, to be accompany when no longer a surgery could be offered. In addition, I learned to work as a team, listening to different opinions to deliver an individualized work plan to each patient. During the rotations I observed the surgical prolixity of the Pediatric Reconstructive Surgeons and that led me to dedicate myself to this subspecialty, which I have been practicing for 9 years now. A rotation at the John Hopkins Hospital (Maryland, USA) allowed me to observe the resolution of different pathologies of Reconstructive Surgery in children and thus with that knowledge to have better care of my patients.

Milestones of My Professional Growth

Equipo Quirúrgico

Working in a highly complex pediatric hospital allows solving a wide spectrum of pathologies. I worked at the Dr. Félix Búlnes Hospital for 3 years and currently work on the Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team at the Dr. Roberto del Río Children's Hospital, Dávila Clinic and Red Salud Vitacura.  

Cirugía para Niños

To incorporate new knowledge and delve into different aspects of the subspecialty, I have performed surgical rotations that allow me to acquire new skills. Examples of this are the rotations in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland USA and in the Pediatric Maxillofacial Rotation through the University of Chile and in ocuplastic surgery en Militar Hospital at Santiago.

Permanent study

In order to give each patient the best possible option, it must be studied permanently.

To have a population response to children's pathologies, I decided to study a Master in Public Health and now a program in Clinical Epidemiology.