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Prevención de Asfixia

Avoid Foreign Body Choking and Immersion Choking

- Do not let children play with bags, balloons or coins.

- Do not give them peanuts to eat, or other small and hard food.

- Do not let them play with toys that fall apart into small pieces or toys not suitable for his age.

- Toys that have cords or strings must not be more than 20 cm long.

- Do not use pillows in the crib until after one year of age. Do not lay them on his stomach and avoid soft surfaces where he can choke.

- Install childproof locks on toilet doors.

- Install pool bars and empty them when not in use.

- Never leave your child alone in the bathroom, pools, lakes and rivers or anywhere with any level of water.

- Do not leave your child in the care of other children when they are near the water or bathroom. Teach your child to ask permission to enter the pool.

- Fill the bath or tub only 5-7 cm and use anti-slip inside and outside the bath.

- Always wear life jackets when you are near or playing in the water. Arm floats, rafts and tires are not safe.

- Stay close to your child when he is near ponds and pools, keep an eye on your child and don't be distracted by talking on the phone or reading.

- Choose places where lifeguards exist.

- From the age of 4 they can start with swimming lessons.

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