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Prevención de Accidentes en Auto

Car Safety

- The law stipulates that minors under 9 years of age must wear a protection system and minors under 12 years old sit in the back, not as co-pilots. The law does not stipulate the type of system but there are these recommendations.

- The use of rear-facing safety seats until 4 years old.

- After 4 years and up to 36kg they can go with a chair facing forward.

- Before 9 years old we recommend an armchair or lifters.

- From 12 years of age, only the seat belt is used in rear seats. It is not advisable to sit in the front since airbags are not designed for children.

- Do not allow a child to stick his head or another part of his body out the window.

- Use the rear door locks so that children cannot open them.

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