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Prevención de envenenamintos

Avoid Poisonings

- Store medications in their original container and in high places.

- Do not take medications that are mislabeled or in the dark.

- Periodically check the medicine cabinet and eliminate those that are expired.

- Do not take medications in front of children, they could imitate them.

- Do not keep medicines in the handbag, they could be mistaken for sweets.

- Never buy or take medications without a prior medical indication.

- Do not store chemicals in beverage containers or bottles, keep them in their original containers.

- Store chemicals such as caustic soda, detergents, disinfectants, paraffin, or others in locked places and out of the reach of children. Avoid storing them under the dishwasher.

- Do not feed your family of mushrooms of dubious origin.

- Do not have poisonous plants in your home, such as lilies and daffodils.

- Any questions contact CITUC (Chile) at 02-6353800.

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