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Preparar a un niño escolar para una cirugía

How to prepare your school child for surgery?


Explain to your child in simple words and without lying about what will be operated on and why.

Emphasize that during surgery your child will not feel pain and that no one will harm him or her.

If the clinic or hospital allows it, take a tour with your child to the pediatric service. Encourage your child to talk to the staff.

Control your emotions, stay relaxed and don't transfer your worries.

Let you child make decisions, such as the clothes and toys you can carry.

Choose a favorite toy, which will accompany your child during anesthesia.


Control your emotions and nervousness, stay calm and relaxed.

Accompany your child at all times as allowed.

Don't forget to have your favorite toy on hand, it will help you.

If your child needs comfort, stay close to your child, hold his or her hand, talk about pleasant memories, reinforce his or her bravery and how well your child behaves, speak confidently, and motivate him or her to express emotions and fears.


You will be taken with your child when the surgery is over. Your child will be sleepy, irritable, and restless. Comfort and love your child.

When you get ti your room, ask if siblings or friends can visit.

If it is a prolonged hospital stay, try to maintain your child's normal habits and encourage him or her to catch up on schoolwork during the hospital stay.

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