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Jumping on the Bed

Injury Prevention

- Keep knives and cutlery locked.

- Avoid furniture with sharp edges or install protectors in the corners of the furniture.

- A 60 cm deep playpen is a good way to prevent accidents.

- Attach tipping furniture to the wall (shelves, shelves, TV cabinet, cabinets and chests).

- Avoid decorations or objects that can break.

- Avoid having pets, to avoid bites, until they can be responsable for the pet.

- Ask them to keep animals away when they go to the homes of family or friends.

- Keep televisions and other heavy appliances on low, firm furniture, and push them back as far as possible.

- Install childproof latches on all cabinets and drawers that contain sharp, pointed, or dangerous objects.

- Prevents the child from putting his hands in the small indentations

- Make sure that the children's shoelaces are fastened before climbing the mechanical stairs.

- Do not allow the child to play with cured thread, pistols, pellets, or stones

- Teach your son to put on his underpants before the pants, to avoid hooking the penis on the zipper

- Cover the tub taps with soft protectors.

- Install door closing protectors to avoid finger crushing.

- Install a horizontal adhesive on the window to make it easily visible

- If you have to change any large window, prefer laminated or toughened glass, if the window breaks, it prevents it from forming sharp pieces.

- Do not allow children to run or play with glasses or glass or sharp objects.

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