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Prevención de quemaduras

Burn Prevention

- The prevention of burns by hot liquids , would allow to decrece the first cause of burns in children.

- Do not drink tea or hot water with your baby or child in your arms.

- Do not leave the bottle with hot water unattended when preparing the bottle.

- Avoid preparing the bath transferring boiled water.

- Avoid using a tablecloth and prefer placemats when setting the table if hot food or hot water will be served.

_ Use a thermos to transfer hot water.

- Chose short cable of the electric kettles. Put the kettles away from the edges of the kitchen counter.

- Attach stove to wall or floor, use back burners and pot handles turned inward.

- Tie down the oven door when not in use or lock it.

- Do not use glovers, extenders, triples, fireworks or inflatable balloons, unless you are sure that they only have helium.

- Stoves, braziers (with protectors) and irons use them away from children.

- Put protections on the bulbs and avoid bedside lamps. Keep the wall outlets covered by furniture.

- Teach your child not to touch heated items such as exhaust pipes, stoves, or irons, even though most of the time they remain cold.

- Keep matches, lighters and chemicals out of the reach of children and never in bottles that they recognize as drinkable.

- Put out fires camp with water when you go for a walk, specially at the forest and beach. Be responsable. 

- Wear a hat with visors and t-shirts from 10 to 16 hrs with sunscreen of a level higher than 30.

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