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Macrostomia o Fisura 7

Tessier Macrostomy or 7 cleft

Fisuras Faciales Múltiples


All children with facial cleft in Chile are guaranteed their attention through the GES program. Family members should approach their health insurance system to find out where these guarantees are fulfilled. The most frequent cleft are lip-palate cleft, but there are other less frequent facial clefts. Patients can choose to be treated where they think is best for their children, forgoing GES.

Facial Cleft

Muliple facial cleft

Microsomia Hemifacial
Micrognatia o mandíbula pequeña

Tessier Number 7 Cleft or  Macrostomy

Congenital macrostomy can lead to leakage of saliva or food from the corner of the mouth. This is due to a lack of continuity of the muscle of the mouth, which must be repaired with surgery.

Hemifacial Microsomy (Half of the Face is smallest)

Micrognathia or small jaw


Holoprosencephaly and Tessier's Zero Cleft

Hemifacial microsomy

In hemifacial microsomy and Goldenhard syndrome, it has a smaller side of the face, jaw, cheek. Sometime the orbit and de facial nerve are compromise. They generally have associated lack of development of the ear. It may require surgery to reconstruct the ear, surgery on the jaw, orthodontic treatments, and surgery to increase the volume of the face (fat grafting) at various stages of development.

Micrognathia and Pierre Robin Sequence 

Micrognathia or small jaw makes the mouth a small space for the tongue. The tongue falls back and blocks the passage of air in newborns and infants. These children generally have difficulty breathing, feeding and growing. When they have some of these problems, it is recommended to operate the jaw to increase the mouth space.

Zero Cleft and Holoprosencephaly

It is a malformative spectrum that involves the face and brain development. Depending on the commitment and development of the structures, it is the management to be carried out. They can present lip fissure in the middle line, malformations of the nose, cleft palate and have the eyes closer to each other or the eyes are to fare apart.

Treacher Collins syndrome

It includes various facial and airway disorders such as poor development of the external and internal ears, lack of cheekbones, corner of the eyelids angled downward, incomplete eyelids, and a small jaw. They may require multiple reconstructive surgeries.

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