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Frenillo sublingual corto

Short Sublingual Frenulum





Epulis congénito

Epulis Congénito

Hipertrofia del frenillo labio superior

Hypertrophy of the Lip Frenulum



Malformación linfática microquística de la lengua

Malformación linfática de la lengua

Short Sublingual Frenulum or Ankyloglossia

Being born with the tongue attached to the floor of the mouth for presenting a short lingual frenulum, causes the tongue to not move properly. It is characterized by craning the tip of the tongue and not being able to stick it out from the teeth and lips. It can cause difficulties in eating, in language and in lingual motility skills such as licking the upper lip, kissing or drinking ice cream. In the infant or newborn it can cause problems with breastfeeding and lack of coupling with the nipple. It is important to know that this can be solved with surgery and speech therapy.

Hypertrophy of the Upper Lip Frenulum

It produces separation of the upper incisors (diastema), alteration of the mobility of the upper lip due to being attached, difficulty in cleaning the area and escape of a whistle when speaking. You can cut and do a plasty to avoid these problems.

Mucocele and Ranula

Mucocele is a cyst that occurs on the lips or tongue, usually from trauma that ruptures a salivary gland. The ranula is due to trauma, rupture, or obstruction of the duct of the sublingual gland. Both need studies and eventually surgery.


Having a large tongue can cause problems with breathing, speech, and facial bones. It is frequently seen in children with Down syndrome, Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome or lymphatic malformations of the tongue. Reducing the size of the tongue can avoid these problems.

Congenital Epulis

It is a fibrous tissue in the gums of newborns that can disturb feeding and must be removed.

Lymphatic malformation or lymphangioma of the tongue

Multiple cysts are found on the tongue on its surface and in the deeper planes. This makes the tongue bigger than usual. Radiofrequency techniques to decrease superficial cysts with or without surgical reduction in the size of the tongue can be used in these cases.

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