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Preparar a un lactante para una cirugía

How do I prepare my infant for surgery?


Play with your child with the toys he or she likes the most before surgery and choose one to carry on that day.

If the hospital or clinic allows it, visit the pediatric rooms and the preoperative room before surgery.


Take the toy you chose during the preoperative period and the anesthetic induction, it will serve to distract your child.

You can also bring your diaper, blanket or "tuto" gift.

This new experience may be unpleasing to your child, such as loud noises or new smells. Try to comfort and distract him or her.

Control nervousness by avoiding transferring it to your child.

Cause to preoperative fasting, they may be more restless and irritable. Present him or her the pacifier but do not give water or any other type of food, either liquid or solid.

Be loving, talk and sing to him o her.


Medical staff will take you with your child when the surgery is over. Your child will be drowsy, irritable and restless. Comfort him or her and ask if you can feed him or her, especially if he is still breastfeeding.

Play with your child when he wakes up.

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