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Sindactilia Parcial o dedos pegados

Partial syndactyly

Sindactilia Completa Simple o dedos pegados



Two fingers joined by a skin membrane. They can be partial or complete if they compromise the partial or total extension of the fingers. Furthermore, they are classified as complex or simple if  the bone are fusion together or not, respectively. Ideally, spread your fingers early to optimize development and work with the hand.

Sindactilia compleja

Complex Syndactylia

Polidactilia o dedos accesorios



It is the presence at the birth of an additional finger. This can be rudimentary or formed with bones and joints. It is important to assess how it is related to the adjacent finger and if they share common structures. Most often they are in relation to the thumb, but it can also be attached to the little finger or between the central fingers of the hand.

Trigger finger 

Dedo en gatillo

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is a condition where one finger or thumb gets stuck in flexion and the finger cannot stretch. After applying some force it can be extended or stretched, releasing abruptly, as if it were a gun trigger. If the trigger finger is severe and long-lasting, the finger may be permanently flexed. The surgery consists of releasing the difficulty of the movement of the finger, sectioning one of the pulleys that is strangling the tendon, which makes it move more freely.

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