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Prominent Ears

Prominent eras can cause discomfort and bulling. Ideally they should be operated before the school period begins. Ideally they should be operated between 4 years to 10 years, since the cartilage is more flexible and easy to fold.

The increased projection of the ear may be due to a lack of folding of the cartilage of the ear, an increase in the depth of the middle central portion of the ear or because the child has a particular head shape.

The surgery is performed through an incision behind the ear, an approach that allows the cartilage to be folded and the projection of the central portion of the ear to be reduced. The upper, middle and lower portions of the ear have different treatment depending on the projection tendency of each segment.

The complications of this procedure are bleeding, infection, asymmetries, poor quality scars, dehiscence or recurrences.

Children should wear a headband in the postoperative period to prevent any friction from tearing the internal points and recurring the projection of the ear.

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