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Preparar a un niño preescolar para una cirugía

How to prepare your preschool child for surgery?


Explain to him or her in simple words what will be operated on and why.

Tell him what's going to happen until he will be anesthetizes and then when you wake up. Don't overwhelm your child with the details of the surgery itself.

You can play "doctor in the hospital" at home, including characters like the patient, the nurse, the surgeon, the anesthetist.

Let your child choose the clothes and toys when putting together the suitcase you will carry.

Don't forget to choose his or her favorite toys and the safety blanket.

Emphasize that your child will not feel pain and that no one will harm him or her.

Transfer security and confidence through your explanations, avoid transferring your fears regarding the procedure.

If the clinic or hospital allows it, make a tour with your child to the pre-operative ward and pediatric rooms.


Control your emotions and nervousness, stay calm and relaxed.

Stay with your child at all times as allowed.

Don't forget to have your favorite toy and your safety blanket on hand.

If your child needs to be comforted during the procedure it can be distracted, pleased, cuddle, sing to him or her.


You will be taken with your child in the post-anesthetic room when the surgery is complete. He or she will be sleepy, irritable, or restless. Comfort and love him or her.

Play with your child when he wakes up.

Ask to the medical staff when you can feed your child.

When you get to your room, ask if siblings or friends can visit your child.

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