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Prevención de caidas

Fall prevention


Never leave your child on an elevated surface without supervision (bed, changing table, etc.)

If you place your child on the chair, car or activity center always put the product's safety belt on him or her.

Avoid walkers, they deliver false security. Frequent injuries are due to overturning, shocks and falls of the walkers.


Install security latches on windows

Install invisible security meshes in apartments or terraces on the 2nd floor.

Never put furniture under windows.

Install security gates at the beginning and end of the stairs.

Do not leave objects on the steps.

The bars on balconies and handrails must not be more than 10 cm apart and that of the crib must not be more than 6 cm.

Keep floors as free as possible so that your child cannot trip.

If you use carpet, try to keep them as stretched as possible.

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