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Preveción de Incendios en el hogar

Fire Prevention

- No Smoking

- Do not allow children to play with lighters, matches and candles.

- Install a fire alarm on kitchen ceilings and parts.

- Children should not be in the kitchen while the burners, the oven or any electrical appliance are on.

- Do not place objects that can be ignited on any heat source.

- If the fat of the pan comes on, cover it with the lid and let it cool, do not pour water on it.

- If the oven have flames, close the door

- Do not use damaged cables and do not use triples.

- Clean and check chimneys periodically

- Use fire guards fixed to the wall to cover the chimneys.

- Do not fill the stove tank with fuels if you have not expected it to cool down. Do it in a ventilated environment.

- If there is a fire crawl to the escape door, the smoke is toxic.

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