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Uña encarnada o onicocriptosis

Ingrown Toenail or Onychoptosis

Paroniquia o Panadizo

Paronychia or whitlow

Tumores subungueales: exostosis, tumor glómico

Subungual tumors:

- Subungual exostosis

- Glomus tumor

Lesiones ungueales en el lactante

Nail lesions in the infant

Ingrown toenail or Onychocryptosis

Onicocriptosis or ingrown toenail occurs when the growth of the nail interposes skin. In most cases it is due to poor handling of the nail cut. Generally it responds to conservative treatment with cures and the surgical procedure is left in case of lack of response or recurrence.

Whitlow or Paronychia

It is an infection of the skin near the nail, frequent to see in children who eat the fingers, but it is not the only cause. They need drainage of the pus and antibiotic treatment.

Subungual tumors

Tumors under the nail are rare. Subungual exostosis (growth of bone and cartilage under the nail) and subungual glomus can be seen in adolescents in relation to Von Recklinghausen's disease. Faced with a subungual mass, it should be studied with radiography and resected with surgery.

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