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Orejas Aladas o prominentes


Microtia is a lack of development of the ear. They can present hearing  alteration, especially in patients with both compromise ears of compromise eras. They may have other malformations on the face like hemifacial microsomia. Generally, the creation of an ear can be done with crafting an ear with rib cartilage from the same patient or using a prosthesis.

Prominent ears

Prominent Ears can cause discomfort for other children and bulling. Ideally they should operate before the school period begins

Preauricular Fistulas

They are malformations of the development of the ear. They generally remove a foul-smelling whitish-yellow substance and can become infected. They must be operated before they become infected or once the infection is controlled. Preauricular sinuses are different that fístulas because they do not discharge any substance.

Heridas de Pabellón Auricular

Injury and trauma to the pinna

Preauricular papilloma and accessory tragus 

Generally it is a malformation of the ear without other consequences for health, but it can cause discomfort for other children.

Ear trauma

The ear wound needs immediate repair to avoid complications like cartilage infection and shrinking. In case of loss of a segment, it must be redone.

Lobe Conditions

Prominent, expanded, cracked or divided lobules or bifids at birth can be repaired with differents type of surgeries.

Sthal´s Ear 

In this ear there is an accessory fold and can have an increase in the height of the upper pole of the ear. Generally requires surgical treatment


The upper portion of the ear is under the skin. They have difficulty putting on glasses and they must have surgical repair.

Constricted or Cup-like ears

The constricted ears cover part of the structures of the superior pole of the ear by the helix and causes the ear to project forward and take a cup shape. This malformation has several types of compromise. Depending on the type of malformation reconstructive surgery is performed.

Oreja Contraída
Oreja Contraída

Contracted Ear Type 1

Contracted Ear Type 3 (lack of development of the upper portion)

Bifid Lobe


Lóbulo Alado

Winged or Prominent Lobe

Oreja Sthal o con tercera crura

Ear Sthal

Microtia tipo Lóbulo


Papiloma Preauricular o Trago accesorio

Preauricular Papilloma, accessory swallows, or swallow malformations

Prominent ears

Fístula o Seno Preauricular

Preauricular sinuses and fistulas. Fistulas have discharge of a white or yellow secretion

Criptotia o oreja enterrada
Lóbulo Bífido Congénito
Fístula Preauricular infectada

Infected Preauricular Fistula

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