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Burns and Scalds

Burns in children are primarily caused by accidents at home from hot water or food. Prevention is essential to reduce the frequency of these events. Depending on the characteristics of the burn, you can predict how long they will take to heal. In Chile most of the patients with burns have guarantees of treatment through the GES program. Burns need rigorous care, with frequent toilets, because they can become infected. Some burns do not heal and need a skin graft for them to heal, specially deep burns and some of the intermediate burns. Scars from burns that heal spontaneously or with grafts need controls for a compressive management of the scar in the initial phase and then evaluate if the scar grows proportionally with the growth of the child.

Skin donor site (scalp). Note that hair grows and hides this scar.

Zona dadora de injerto. Cuero cabelludo

Skin donor site (scalp). Note that hair grows and hides this scar.

cicatriz de zona dadora de muslo.jpg

Skin donor site (scalp). Note that hair grows and hides this scar.

Superficial Burns

Sun or steam burns tend to be superficial. They are very painful, but they tend to heal within 7 days and do not require skin grafting.

Injertos Dermoepidérmicos Prendidos

Skin grafts  in the deep areas of the burn, so that they heal.

injertos dermoepidérmicos prendidos

Grafted dermo-epidermal skin grafts

Deep Burns

From the beginning an eschar is observed, which is white, brown or black skin, generally hard and does not hurt. This burn compromises the entire thickness of the skin, making it impossible for the skin to regenerate on its own. This type of injury requires surgical management in order to heal.

Manejo Kinésico con Traje Elasticado Compresivo

Compression suit (kinésico) for grafts

traje compresivo del pie.jpeg

Kinesic Treatment

Burns and wounds that heal after 10 days and grafts need to be squeezed, lubricated, and not exposed to the sun to allow the best possible scarring. This kinesiologists specialize in scars that support this management.

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